I wanted to share some practises that I am using every day that are really helping me to stay positive. Living alone it can get very samey and a little bleak at times, I am sure that is the same for everyone right now whatever your situation. Using these practises each day keeps me feeling light and more optimistic, and I hope they will help you feel that way too.


As I am waking up, before any other busy and, mostly unhelpful, thoughts can come into my head I say the words Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

This might seem really strange and a bit of a stretch to how you are feeling right now but I swear it makes you feel better. It will promote a sense of gratitude at the start of your day rather than worry or fear, and that feeling will literally change how your brain reacts by releasing happy hormones rather than stress hormones.

We all have so many stresses right now, try this quick and easy practise to counteract that and start your day off well.


I’m still in bed at this point (I do love being able to take my time getting up lately I have to say, silver lining) I will do a Wim Hof breathing technique. This takes around 10 minutes and totally opens your lungs and infuses your body and brain with oxygen, which feels really good!
Here is the technique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzCaZQqAs9I
After that I will do a mindful meditation, between 15 to 30 minutes depending on what I have planned for that day. There are many apps and sites for meditation, two of the most popular are Headspace and Insight Timer.

Starting your day with gratitude, deep breathing and meditation is a game changer. Try it for one day and see how that day goes.


We are ‘connected’ ALL the time right now if we want to be; facebook, instagram, whatsapp, emails, the list goes on. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and had to really take a step back as I could feel the weight of so much anxiety, stress and fear on me after a whole day of this kind of connection.

So now I try to limit how many times I go on social media. I only check the news once per day. And I arrange to talk to a friend or family member using facetime or voice every day. Even if its for a few minutes, its so nice to have a dedicated and (hopefully) positive conversation with someone.


They say this because it’s true. When you laugh you release all the good, happy hormones and release the stressy unhealthy ones. Right now this kind of immune booster is SO helpful and is also the most fun.
So watch some comedy shows, Netflix has lots of great standup acts on there. Or watch a classic comedy film that you love. Anything to get you smiling and laughing will change your mood in the best way, and boost your immune system, double bonus!


Every night as I’m going to sleep I mentally list everything I’m grateful for that day.

Lately my list looks something like this ‘I’m grateful for the sunshine through my window that I felt on my face, I’m so grateful for my health, I’m grateful for all the amazing and brave people in the NHS, I’m grateful for Next in Fashion on Netflix for keeping me entertained tonight and inspiring me to get a whole new wardrobe when I can go shopping again (I know that sounds totally shallow but if you see some of the outfits!!), I’m grateful for being able to play Guess Who through zoom with my gorgeous little niece, I’m grateful for my home and this bed that keeps me safe and sound.

Practising gratitude relieves anxiety and stress and promotes a positive frame of mind. Once you get into the swing of it the thoughts just flow and you go to bed with a really nice feeling and one that raises your vibration and promotes health and happiness in your mind and body. And its so easy and free!


So there you have my top at home rituals to keep you smiling and feeling well, I really hope they work for you too.

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