You know the feeling, you’ve been sat at your desk for hours, you feel tired and bored, a little stiff and pretty fed up.

There is a quick and easy way to combat this feeling, and all it requires is a bit of movement and an open mind.

All you need to do is…shake it off!

Shaking is fast becoming a go to for releasing negative energy in the body and helping you to feel more awake, less stressed and have more energy.

Shaking is a natural way to release stress and return the body to homeostasis, which is our steady and balanced internal state. However, we have lost this knack of moving our bodies to release tension due to our conditioning to ‘keep things bottled up’.

It is so much better to let that tension out and this simple shaking exercise will do just that.

Try this 2-minute shaking exercise and see how you feel. Better yet put a song on that you love and shake around the room!


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