Clear negative energy with this simple energy cleansing meditation

We all know that feeling when we meet someone who has ‘nice vibes’ and we feel really drawn to them and enjoy being in their company. We also know the opposite feeling (if you’ve ever been on the London underground you’ll know it well!) of being around someone and almost being able to tangibly feel […]

One small change you can make this year for big results

Breathing Obviously we do it all the time….Our breath keeps us vital, is essential to our wellbeing and also has the capacity to change our physical, mental and emotional state, within minutes. However, most of us are not using our breath in the right way to get maximum benefits. We go through life without really […]

Get out of your head and into the present moment, fast

Connecting to the moment, to the here and now is to me like freedom; a space away from the mind full of chatter to a moment of peace and stillness. In a busy day and a busy life, being able to get into this state fast is like magic! It can literally transform your day. […]

Why meditation is my greatest ally in any situation

Meditation, I could wax lyrical about it for ever, it is my greatest friend and literally changed my life from an overworked, overweight stress head to a calmer, happier and much healthier person. With so many apps and options out there now for meditation it can seem a bit daunting when starting to practise, with […]

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