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This is an invitation to explore yourself, to understand your true desires and remove any blocks that are holding you back


Your journey of self-discovery and an opportunity to heal old wounds and be the driving force for the life you want


Release old limiting beliefs and behaviours, and reclaim your natural state of inner-peace, empowerment and health.


Now rise up and meet the truest vision you have for yourself. Elevate your mindset, and thrive in every aspect of your life.

what I do

Energy Healing & Life Coaching for women who are ready to reclaim their radiance

Do you feel lost? Know you are not realising your potential, yet unsure how to make the changes you want to?

Through these combined modalities I am able to hold space for you to go on this empowering journey of self-discovery. A space where you can enquire within and understand what may be in the way of you living the life you truly desire, and know deep down you are capable of. 

Through coaching we work together to understand on a cognitive level what thought forms, beliefs, and past experiences may require attention, and through energy healing we set the intention to move beyond thought and work directly with the energies within. 

This combination provides the setting for real change, change that comes from deep within.

Each session places you at the front and centre of your journey, coming from the fundamental truth that you already have everything you need, and all of the knowledge required to feel well, and together we work to remove any blocks to that inner-knowing.


Do you feel disconnected, numb, and as though you’re just ‘going through the motions’?

Being hard on yourself, feeling low self-worth and self-confidence?

Know you want more from life but not sure exactly what that is, and how to get it?

Stuck in unhealthy habits and patterns of behaviour that you want to be free from, for good?

Hearing the voice of the inner-critic inside your head far too often?

Wanting to feel more connected to your body and sensual self?


The journey of self-development is the most valuable one you can ever go on.

You will learn about yourself in a way that frees you from past limitations, and moves you towards your truest, highest vision of yourself and your life.




Develop a strong sense of self: self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence and self-love

Feel free of toxic habits and patterns

Be excited for your future and the potential within you

Feel more in tune with your body, connected to yourself and your senses

Be more guided by your intuition and in the flow of life 

Feel like you have come home – to your true, powerful, divine feminine self


I feel like I have lived two lives; the life before energy healing & coaching and the life after. 

In my previous life I worked in Sales & Marketing for large companies, working hard and playing hard, seemingly ‘successful’ yet feeling so low, stressed, depressed and highly anxious.

That led to a major lifestyle change as I realised the life I was living was destroying me, The habits I’d formed, my coping mechanisms, all leading to a very low sense of self-worth and confidence. 

Enter meditation, which was so hard at first, even sitting still for 2 minutes felt like an age. But I was at breaking point and desperately needed something to help. And soon enough it did, and things started to slowly shift. I was introduced to energy healing and after one session had more profound shifts than I’d had in months of therapy. I had found my calling, and then I was hooked! 

Cut to several years later, a complete career change, and many studies including: Energy Healing, Coaching, CBT, EFT, Mindfulness & Breathwork, and now my life feels completely different, in the most incredible ways. 

Going through this transformation, seeing and feeling the effects it’s had on me, makes me so passionate and excited to share what I have learned, and I would love to share this with you.

how it works

Session options and rates

We start with a complimentary introductory call or zoom – let’s talk and see if this is the right type of coaching for you.

You can ask any questions that you have and gain an understanding of what to expect working with me. 

The longer packages allow for more guidance and support. In between sessions there will be prompts, handouts and practices to apply to create the shifts you desire.

The more that you can commit to these, and truly honour this experience to give yourself this time and attention, the more radical change you will experience, and it will continue long after our sessions together.

Sessions are held virtually via Zoom.

Terms & Conditions apply for block bookings

Package Options

Individual 90 minute session @ £90

Useful as a top up, or if there is a specific issue to be worked through or receive healing for that you sense can be shifted within one session.

4 Session Package @ £320

This package can be taken over a maximum of 6 weeks. Includes 4 online sessions of 75 minutes each.
You will also receive handouts, journal prompts and meditations to support your individual journey.

3 Month Package - 8 sessions @ £600

This package can be taken over a maximum of 12 weeks. Includes 8 online sessions of 75 minutes each. You will also receive handouts, journal prompts and meditations to support your individual journey.

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